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Classic Series

NUVO Series

Compare our Sleep Systems with Select Comfort's Sleep Number Beds and take advantage of the big savings!

Welcome to Airbed Outlet, compare our air bed mattresses with select comforts sleep number beds.  All our air bed mattresses ship fast and free and all come with our 90 day risk free trial.  If you need anything at all, feel free to contact us at 1-800-AIRBEDS (247-2337).  We're here to help you get the best sleep of your life, at Airbed

STRATA NUVO Harmony Airbed Mattress STRATA NUVO Mystique Airbed Mattress
List Price: $3,499.99
Queens Start at: $2,999.99
You save $500.00!
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List Price: $3,999.99
Queens Start at: $3,499.99
You save $500.00!
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STRATA NUVO Harmony Air Bed Mattress STRATA NUVO Mystique Air Bed Mattress
STRATA NUVO Medallion Airbed Mattress STRATA NUVO Evo Airbed Mattress
List Price: $5,499.99
Queens Start at: $4,499.99
You save $1,000.00!
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List Price: $2,999.99
Queens Start at: $2,499.99
You save $500.00!
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STRATA NUVO Medallion Air Bed Mattress STRATA NUVO Evo Air Bed Mattress
STRATA Airbed Mattress Legacy Plush STRATA Airbed Mattress Evolution Support
List Price: $2,999.99
Queens Start at: $2,549.99
You save $450.00!
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List Price: $4,799.99
Queens Start at: $4,299.99
You save $500.00!
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STRATA Airbed Mattress Legacy Plush STRATA Airbed Mattress Evolution Support
Get the best airbed mattress from The Air bed Outlet
Affordable quality and comfort with all of or Air Bed Mattresses

Compare to Select Comfort Sleep Number BedsOur air beds are designed to meet any sleep and budget needs you might have. We understand how important a great night's sleep can be to your life, and we aim to make sure there is a product just right for you. We feature exclusively Strata™ air bed mattresses in 3 styles: Legacy, Performance and Evolution. Take a look and see the genuine Strata™ difference.

Strata™ Legacy Air Bed Mattress

The Legacy line of airbed mattresses is designed for maximum comfort and durability at an economical price. With a standard and plush option, you'll find what you're looking for. How do we fit so much into such a small price? Click here to learn more...

Strata™ Performance Air Bed Mattress

The Performance model is a versatile pilllowtop mattress, built for maximum flexibility, featuring Aloe Vera™ fabric for long-lasting comfort. Optional Visco Elastic Memory Foam, or All Natural Latex comfort layers make this an unbelievable air bed mattress. Click here to learn more...

Strata™ Evolution Air Bed Mattress

The Evolusion line is simply the best combination of long-lasting quality and premium comfort, featuring an all-natural Bamboo fabric to last a lifetime. Whether you choose the Standard airbed, the Comfort, the Support, or the Hybrid models, you're sure to rest in luxury for years to come with Strata™ Evolution air beds. Click here to learn more...

Strata™ NUVO Air Bed Mattresses

The Strata® NUVO series of air bed matresses is designed from the ground up to be a new take on the traditional airbed. Modern features, advanced technology, and upgraded materials make the NUVO line an attractive option for any buyer. Click here to learn more...

The Strata™ Airbed Difference

Compare to Select Comfort Sleep Number BedsIt All Starts At the Top
The airbed mattress is covered in a high-strength Belgian Damask fabric, with stitching designed to last a lifetime. Belgian Damask, unlike cheaper materials, has a high tensil strength, and holds up to stitching as well as friction from repeated use. It's fully covered in our 4/Life warranty. The outer material is usually an area for other air bed manufacturers to cut costs, but we think it's essential to get it right. Belgian Damask is the only way to go.

Our cover material is treated with Bioguard, making it naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and nocturnal pests (like bed bugs!). It's an elaborate process, but we think your peace of mind is worth it. Rest assured.

Over the course of your life, natural sleeping habits produce body oils and organic particles that need to be cleaned, from time to time. The top of your mattress is attached with a professional-grade zipper for easy removal. Feel free to wash it, or send it to the cleaners as often as you need to! Think of the hair and skin cells that accumulate on a traditional spring mattress over the years! Now THAT will keep you up at night!

Compare to Select Comfort Sleep Number BedsAir Support
Our airbed chambers are built from high-grade, vulcanized rubber, and felted to reduce friction and noise. An additional layer of flexible rubber is inserted in the manufacturing process to ensure your mattress keeps its shape for a lifetime. The chambers are also uniquely designed with a waffle shape on top, to maximize airflow in all directions, eliminating heat buildup commonly found in other mattress technologies.

We've taken the added measure to include a high density, air bed sling rail design to hold everything in place. The rails (head and foot, and left and right) are attached to each other with a durable, non-woven fabric, to solidify the feel of the bed, and to protect the interior components. Sling rails also protect the outer cover from stretching. In lower-quality airbeds, the rails are "free-floating" and are simply held together by the outer cover, which takes all the abuse, and stress of the mattress. Combine this with weak outer material, and you're asking for trouble down the road.

Compare to Select Comfort Sleep Number BedsQuiet Strength
Behind the scenes, doing all the important work, is a Super-Quiet, Airbed Digital Control pump, designed for maximum strength and minimal noise. You won't even know it's there, but you'll feel the difference. The pump features a passive internal cap system to prevent leaks, even if the power goes out!

Our pump is designed for you in mind. We've done the hard work of presetting 50, scientifically accurate position points, to make it easier for you to find the setting that works best for you.

One common fail point of inferior mattresses is the hose that connects the pump to the air chambers. Ours are flex-reinforced, which means they have extra protection against splitting while maintaining enough flexibility to tuck out of the way. The join to the mattress is reinforced with an extra layer of soft rubber during the manufacturing process protecting against air leaks that are common in cheaper designs.

Our airbed controller is designed for ease of use. The ergonomic shape makes it a joy to use, when you are adjusting the feel, and the large, bright LED display makes it easy to read even in the dark. We have built in an auto-fill function, which automatically fills the bed to full height when you want it to look good during the day. And we added a memory setting, so you can get it back to where you want it, when you're ready to sleep.

Compare to Select Comfort Sleep Number BedsRisk Free = Peace of Mind
We understand the position you are in, purchasing a bed over the internet. Our job is to make it as risk free as possible, so you don't have to worry about the buying process and focus on what really matters: your sleep! In this case, we have taken out all the risk to you with our 90-Day Peace of Mind return policy. We give you 90 days to try the mattress, sleep on it, see how easily it integrates into your life. If, at any point, you want to return the mattress for a full refund, simply call us for a return number and that's it. No questionnaires, no hassles, no restocking fees.

After 90-days of great sleep, you will be comforted to know that your new Strata Classic Airbed is fully covered for 4 years after your purchase. This warranty covers any and all manufacturing issues, including stitching, seams, air leaks, the electric pump, rails, etc... Everything. After 4 years, you receive 50% MSRP value for any warranty claims for as long as you own the mattress. Strata Nuvo Airbeds come with a 20 Year Limited Warranty.

Compare to Select Comfort Sleep Number Beds

It's All In the Sleep Numbers

In our effort to provide the best products and service for the best possible price, we also like to simplify things. There are four things that identify Airbed and set us apart from the crowd.
Compare to Select Comfort Sleep Number Beds

90-Day Risk-Free Sleep Trial
We don't expect you to make a decision on your next mattress in only 2 weeks. We want you to be really sure, this is the bed for you. We're so sure you're going to love your new airbed mattress, we offer a standard, complimentary 90-day sleep trial. If you don't like it, simply return the bed to us within 90 days, no questions asked. Click here for more information.

Compare to Select Comfort Sleep Number Beds

48-Hour Shipping
If you order an airbed from us, rest assured our commitment is to get you the mattress as soon as possible. We guarantee to ship your order within 48-hours of your order (excluding weekends). We know your sleep affects every aspect of your life, and it's our commitment to help you start sleeping better, fast. As soon as your order ships, we will automatically send you an email with the tracking number, so you'll know exactly when to expect it.

Compare to Select Comfort Sleep Number Beds

12-Month 0% Financing
Sometimes life goes differently than we would like. Ideally, you would need a new bed exactly when you had the money to pay cash for it. But we know your body doesn't always sync up to your bank account. That's why we offer 12-month financing with payments, with only a simple application process. Click here to learn more about My Rest Financing.

Compare to Select Comfort Sleep Number Beds

4-Year Full Warranty and Limited Lifetime after that on our Strata Classic Airbeds!
To continue the number theme, here's one you'll really like. When you purchase and keep an airbed from Airbed Outlet, you can be confident in the quality of your new investment. We will cover any mechanical or manufacturing issues that occur within the first 4 years, at no cost to you. After the initial 4 year period, you will get 50% value for as long as you own the bed! It's an incredible deal that is unmatched in the industry. We've checked! :) Buy with confidence from Airbed and sleep good at night! Strata Nuvo Airbeds carry a 20 Year Limited Warranty.