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Save up to $1,400 over Sleep Number Beds

STRATA Airbed Mattress Evolution Hybrid
STRATA Airbed Mattress Evolution Hybrid

List Price: $5,499.99
Queens Start at: $4,999.99
You save $500.00!

Availability:: Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours

Bed Size*:
King Mattress Top 76 x 80 [Add $200.00]
Cal King Mattress Top 72 x 84 [Add $200.00]
Queen Mattress Top 60 x 80 (Priced as Marked)
Full Mattress Top 54 x 75 [Subtract -$100.00]
Twin Top Mattress 38 x 75 [Subtract -$200.00]
Twin XL Top Mattress 38 x 80 [Subtract -$200.00]

Add Foundation*:

Metal Bed Frame*:


The STRATA™ Evolution Support Airbed Mattress shares all of the high-tech air features found in our other air beds, and adds an impressive European Box top design for the ultimate in versatility and comfort. The Evolution Support is covered in our Natural Bamboo cover material for durability and long life, in addition to a plush pillowtop and an unprecedented 100% All Natural Latex layer and Genuine Memory Foam layer in the same mattress! You have to feel to it believe it.

100% All Natural Latex is a superior bedding material for its natural pressure-relieving properties and it's incredible durability. Latex is actually better than memory foam at reducing pressure points, and, instead of the slow-recovery feel, it has a bright, springy feel (much more like a really great pillowtop). The real benefit comes in years later, when latex is still performing night after night, with no sag or indentation. Latex is a natural, renewable material that is save and non-toxic. Rest with peace of mind that you are helping your body and your planet.

Memory Foam is designed to conform to your body's natural curves and thus promoting blood flow, and eliminating tossing and turning while you sleep. Genuine Memory Foam is scientifically proven to reduce pressure points that can cause pain and discomfort while you sleep. Normally, however, a memory foam mattress cannot be adjusted, and you get what you it or not. At, we combine the natural comfort of memory foam with the adjustability of individually-inflated air chambers, for an unbeatable, customizable sleep solution.

Vulcanized air chambers, zoned comfort layer, and our famous Super-Quiet Dual Digital pump give you the Evolution experience. Unlike other manufacturers, who skimp on the "hidden features," we still use industrial-grade zippers, foams, fabrics and stitching to ensure your bed will last a lifetime. We cut no corners, and we have the warranty to prove it.

The Evolution Series of Premium Airbed Mattresses represents the best an airbed has to offer, combining the adjustability of individually-controlled air chambers with the comfort of a premium pillowtop. We use only the best materials and construction technique, and we offer a completely risk-free, 90-day trial. What are you waiting for? There's no better time to get the best sleep of your life.

Why Buy from It's All In the Numbers.

It All Starts At the Top

Strata Airbed Mattress: Bamboo Fabric Natural Bamboo Cover
Bamboo fabric is a natural textile made from the pulp of the bamboo grass. Bamboo fabric has been growing in popularity because it has many unique properties and is more sustainable than most textile fibers. Bamboo fabric is light and strong, has excellent wicking properties, and is naturally antibacterial.
Strata Airbed Mattress: Latex All Natural Latex Support Layer
Durable orthopedic support, hypoallergenic material, and an ecofriendly makeup highlight the features of our Natural Latex Mattress Toppers. The mattress toppers are made of 100% natural latex, and contain no synthetic additives. Their natural composition makes them hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, so they are ideal choices for allergy sufferers and those with sensitive skin.
Strata Airbed Mattress: Memory Foam Memory Foam Comfort Layer
1. Long lasting comfort. Memory foam toppers do not wear out easily compared to the life of a traditional mattress. They are guaranteed to keep their feel and shape, without sagging or leaving a body impression.

2. No pressure points. Memory foam toppers reduce and eliminate pressure points because they conform to the shape of your body. Innerspring mattresses push against you, creating additional pressure. Memory foam conforms to your shape and cradles you in comfort.

3. Fewer problems with morning soreness. Are you tired of waking up with a stiff neck or sore back? A memory foam topper can help reduce the aches and pains of sleeping on a traditional mattress.

4. Less tossing and turning while you sleep. Tossing and turning is caused by restriction of blood flow to your extremeties. Memory foam increases blood flow because it provides even support for your whole body, right where you need, thus eliminating the need to toss and turn. Many of our customers wake up in the exact same position they fell asleep in.

Also, memory foam doesn't transfer motion, so if your partner moves or gets out of bed, you are less likely to feel it.

5. Better quality of sleep. Because pain is reduced, and tossing and turning is virtually eliminated, you will make the most of your sleeping hours. Wake up refreshed and ready for the day after a night of rejuvenating, relaxing, restorative sleep.

Strata Airbed Mattress: Bioguard Bioguard
Our cover material is treated with Bioguard, making it naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and nocturnal pests (like bed bugs!). It's an elaborate process, but we think your peace of mind is worth it. Rest assured.
Strata Airbed Mattress: Professional-Grade Zipper Professional-Grade Zipper
Over the course of your life, natural sleeping habits produce body oils and organic particles that need to be cleaned, from time to time. The top of your mattress is attached with a professional-grade zipper for easy removal. Feel free to wash it, or send it to the cleaners as often as you need to! Think of the hair and skin cells that accumulate on a traditional spring mattress over the years! Now THAT will keep you up at night!
Strata Airbed Mattress: Quiltflex Quiltflex
QuiltFlex offers unparalleled durability in a remarkably lightweight foam, yet, QuiltFlex feels as soft or softer than the highest quality fiber. And because it’s so durable, QuiltFlex stays soft and supportive for the life of the mattress. In fact, every night feels like the first night on a mattress topped with QuiltFlex. QuiltFlex further enhances mattress comfort by providing far greater permeability and moisture pick up/dissipation than fiber. QuiltFlex consistently offers approximately 20% greater airflow under compression than fiber. QuiltFlex is also capable of picking up and dissipating 9 times the moisture of standard fiber. And QuiltFlex dissipates that moisture up to 4 times faster than fiber.
Strata Airbed Mattress: Hollofil Hollofil
Hollofil is a fiber fill designed by Dupont to provide superior loft in a hypo-allergenic material. Hollofil gives your pillowtop the luxurious comfort you've come to expect from the Strata™ line of air bed mattresses.
Strata Airbed Mattress: FR Fiber Layer FR Fiber
Each Strata™ airbed includes an exclusive layer of Flame-Redardant Fiber, designed to provide non-toxic resistance to accidental fire, exceeding Federal Firecode Standards.
Strata Airbed Mattress: Moisture Barrier Moisture Barrier
In our plush model airbeds, we include a moisture barrier at the zipper layer, to prevent any condensation and moisture from collecting in the lower part of the mattress, which can lead to mold and other problems.

Air Support

High-Grade Air Chambers
Our air chambers are built from high-grade, vulcanized rubber, and felted to reduce friction and noise. An additional layer of flexible rubber is inserted in the manufacturing process to ensure your mattress keeps its shape for a lifetime. The chambers are also uniquely designed with a waffle shape on top, to maximize airflow in all directions, eliminating heat buildup commonly found in other mattress technologies. King, Cal. King and Queen come standard with Dual Chambers. Full, Twin and TwinXL come with a Single chamber.
Strata Airbed Mattress: Air Chambers
AirFlow Technology
Part of our attention to detail includes a waffle-shape design that helps air flow in both directions, to prevent heat buildup as you sleep.
Strata Airbed Mattress: Airflow
Superior Sling-Rail Design
QuiltWe've taken the added measure to include a high density, sling rail design to hold everything in place. The rails (head and foot, and left and right) are attached to each other with a durable, non-woven fabric, to solidify the feel of the bed, and to protect the interior components. Sling rails also protect the outer cover from stretching. In lower-quality airbeds, the rails are "free-floating" and are simply held together by the outer cover, which takes all the abuse, and stress of the mattress. Combine this with weak outer material, and you're asking for trouble down the road.
Strata Airbed Mattress: Sling Rail Design

Quiet Strength

Strata Airbed Mattress: Super-Quiet Digital Pump Super-Quiet Digital Pump
Behind the scenes, doing all the important work, is a Super-Quiet, Digital Control pump, designed for maximum strength and minimal noise. You won't even know it's there, but you'll feel the difference. The pump features a passive internal cap system to prevent leaks, even if the power goes out! Ours hoses are flex-reinforced, which means they have extra protection against splitting while maintaining enough flexibility to tuck out of the way. The join to the mattress is reinforced with an extra layer of soft rubber during the manufacturing process protecting against air leaks that are common in cheaper designs.
Strata Airbed Mattress: Dual Controls Dual Controls
We include 2 separate controls for use on either side of the bed, so each person can adjust their side to reach the perfect feel.
Strata Airbed Mattress: Ergonomic Design Ergonomic
The ergonomic design is a joy to use! Made for your hand, with rounded corners, smooth lines and a smooth feel to the touch. The buttons are easy to push for convenience.
Strata Airbed Mattress: Memory Settings Memory
Our advanced, Super-Quiet Digital pump is equipped with memory settings so you can find exactly the right setting night, after, night. An auto-fill function fills the bed full when you're done sleeping, so your bed looks full when you make it for the day. Then simply push the memory setting when you're ready to sleep, and you'll find your customized setting waiting for you!
Strata Airbed Mattress: Digital Display Digital LED
For easy viewing in dim light, we have included a bright, digital, LED readout, to ensure you can use the controller comfortably at night.

Risk Free = Peace of Mind

We understand the position you are in, purchasing a bed over the internet. Our job is to make it as risk free as possible, so you don't have to worry about the buying process and focus on what really matters: your sleep! In this case, we have taken out all the risk to you with our 90-Day Peace of Mind return policy. We give you 90 days to try the mattress, sleep on it, see how easily it integrates into your life. If, at any point, you want to return the mattress, just simply send it back for a for a full refund.

After 90-days of great sleep, you will be comforted to know that your new airbed is fully covered for 4 years after your purchase. This warranty covers any and all manufacturing issues, including stitching, seams, air leaks, the electric pump, rails, etc... Everything. After 4 years, you receive 50% MSRP value for any warranty claims for as long as you own the mattress.

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Save up to $1,400 over Sleep Number Beds

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