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Memory Foam mattresses and mattress toppers have become famous for their ability to conform to the body of the user creating a comfortable, pressure-free sleep. Evenly distributing your body weight and eliminating pressure-points such as hips and shoulders allows a feeling of weightless but supported comfort sought after by customers. Visco-Elastic memory foam has been around for several decades, but innovations in manufacturing have now made it widely available to the public at an affordable price. With the ability to conform to the shape of your body, the viscous, and the ability to bounce back into its regular shape, the elastic, this material is unique. Always reacting the to the position and temperature of your body, memory foam softens with the heat creating the perfect fit.

Memory foam is made of an oil-based polyurethane foam comprised of billions of tiny air-filled cells. When you lie down on the memory foam, the cells compress with the air in each cell moving slowly from cell to cell allowing some to fully compress while others expand. The foam takes your shape but still has enough material integrity to support your weight comfortably. Memory foam can be made of different densities for different levels of support. The differences in these levels of density will be important for selecting the mattress that is best for you.

The density of memory foam is measured in pounds and should be displayed on the information provided by the manufacturer or retailer. The weight of a cubic foot is measured to determine density, so a 3-pound density means that one cubic foot of that memory foam weighs three pounds. The density ratings generally range from three to six pounds per cubic foot with the higher density being the most firm and supportive. In some cases there are multiple layers of varying density that make up the total of the mattress to maximize comfort, support and durability. In the case of a memory foam mattress topper, there is only one layer and the ratings for density and firmness are the only numbers that matter.

Firmness is another factor in your selection of memory foam. Firmness or softness of the mattress is rated with an ILD score. ILD is the 'indentation load deflection' rate - which is just a fancy way of saying how much weight it takes to compress the mattress by 65% and then have it spring back into form. The more weight that it takes to make the indentation, the higher the number scored and the firmer the mattress. Having a higher score is not a measure of quality, but merely a reflection of how firm the mattress is. Knowing both the density and firmness ratings should give you a good idea of how your mattress will suit your needs.

The comfort of the visco elastic foam mattress minimizes the pressure placed on your hips, spine and shoulders allowing you to sleep in any position comfortably. This also improves your blood circulation reducing pain and discomfort allowing you to have an uninterrupted night of sleep. Unlike other mattress materials, memory foam absorbs movement meaning that you won't be disturbed by the changes in position made by your partner. Memory foam's form-fitting abilities allow you to find a comfortable position quickly and fall asleep faster which means more hours of quality sleep that leaves you rested and relaxed for the next day.

Memory foam mattresses are typically heavier than the inner-spring mattress of the same size. Memory foam should not have a box spring foundation, instead a smooth platform is ideal. There are many materials used to make mattresses such as latex, inner springs, cotton and wool but none conform to your body shape and support in the same comfortable way. Memory foam mattresses also last longer than traditional spring mattresses providing you years of comfort.